What is a Brand Rep & Brand Enthusiast on Instagram?

A brand rep (short for ‘brand representative) is someone who represents a brand on Instagram. A brand or store will choose a child based on the style of photography and the look they want to promote, so basically the decision depends on your Instagram feed and level of activity. It’s a lot like casting to be a model but it’s all done online and often it’s mum or dad taking the photos. Once the model / brand rep has been selected, in most cases, the store will provide the model with free clothing in return for advertising in the form of quality photographs that are posted on the models Instagram page and shared amongst different followers. Free clothes for free exposure and advertising sounds great?!

It sounds easy and can be heaps of fun but it’s also a lot of work. Some children don’t like to be photographed nor do they have the understanding to ‘smile for the camera’, it requires a lot of patience and time. It has little to do with ‘how cute your’ child is although it does help, it’s all about good natural photography and great styling of the clothing.

Information at a glance:

• You must be able to produce good quality photos of your child from daily activities. Photos need to be clear, crisp, preferably in natural light or on a plain background. It helps if you enjoy taking photos of your children and they enjoy being photographed.

• Your child will be modeling clothes and the brand will expect them to be represented well so it’s also important to be able to put together outfits and essentially style the clothes on your child. Even better if your child has a specific style, think of yourself as their stylist…now that’s fun!

• It helps to have a good number of followers on your Instagram account but it isn’t essential. Most brands on Instagram (including me) will take great photography and style over heaps of followers but it’s also important to remember that it is all about advertising and supporting the brand in return for the free clothes, so the brand will be expecting you to be pro-active at growing your Instagram community which will benefit both parties.

• Important to keep in mind that the brand can be very particular on what they like and they may be after a particular aesthetic. It sounds complicated, but it’s really simple. Now look at your feed and then check theirs. If it matches, then you’re good, if not, maybe it’s not going to work. There is a high chance that you won’t be selected. If you really want to be selected by a specific brand, try to incorporate some element of their photographic style, it can be lighting, editing, what photos you choose to post and even what you let your child wear on a regular basis.

• Don not take it personally if your child is not selected. All children are beautiful, cute, fabulous and amazing, unfortunately the styling and photography may not be in line with the brands.

What is a brand enthusiast on Instagrm?

OK, so instead of receiving free clothes a brand enthusiast will get a percentage off when they buy their items from the brand. In return, the brand enthusiast will then do the same thing as a brand rep, take the photos, post them on their account, tag the brand and allow the brand to use them also. It’s still an ongoing agreement between both parties. Brands like to associate with people who have confidence in their products, whom they can trust, are comfortable with and, this is always a good way of becoming a brand rep for a brand you have had your eye on. If you weren’t successful in being selected as a brand rep on Instagram, you can always ask if the brand will accept you as a brand enthusiast to begin with.

That’s my very basic understanding of it all. From a brands perspective I really enjoy the creative process and the surprise element – the different ways in which the clothes are styled by mums and off course the amazing photographs. It really is partnership and it’s really important to note that both parties need to be engaged, pro-active and considerate of each other for the arrangement to work well.

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